General Overview


Fully autonomous driving consists of a vehicle operating without human interaction under virtually all operating conditions. Because such fully autonomous operations will be practically infeasible over the next 10 years on public roads in Europe at large, the human will likely remain key to create acceptable and practicable automated driving solutions. During manual driving, the main role of the driver is to manage the vehicle in a variety of environmental conditions and has to remain continuously attentive and thus prepared to fulfil the requirements associated with the current conditions.

However, during certain types of automated driving, for example when transitioning to and from automated driving but also while supervising or planning the automated driving periods, new tasks and responsibilities emerge for the human. Current automated driving development approaches run into difficulties when designing driving automation systems for human use because they focus on the automated driving functionality per se but leave human interactions more a byproduct of the design process than the start of it. To ensure that these new driver tasks and responsibilities will be acceptable and safe, the HADRIAN project investigates innovative approaches and technologies that go beyond current automated driving development approaches.




General Overview
Holistic Vision
Key Elements

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