HADRIAN project supports the concept of FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse) data works toward making research data FAIR.

Peer-reviewed publications of HADRIAN project will be open access as soon as the research/publication has been completed and published. Publications are available in the Zenodo Open Access Repository for HADRIAN and linked below. The data produced during HADRIAN project will be available for as long as the information they contain are relevant.

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A camera-based system to detect driver hands on the steering wheel in semi-autonomous vehicles

Raphaël Morvillier, Christophe Prat and Saifeddine Aloui

A fluid-HMI approach for Haptic Steering Shared Control for the HADRIAN Project

Myriam E. Vaca-Recalde, Mauricio Marcano, Joseba Sarabia, Leonardo Gonzalez, Joshue Perez, and Sergio Diaz

A review of risk factors associated with elderly, truck and office worker drivers for automated driving applications

​​Marios Sekadakis, Christos Katrakazas, Erika Santuccio,Peter Mörtl, George Yannis

A Review of Shared Control in Automated Vehicles: System Evaluation

​Joseba Sarabia, Mauricio Marcano, Joshué Pérez, Asier Zubizarreta, Sergio Díaz

A user study of directional tactile and auditory user interfaces for take-over requests in conditionally automated vehicles

​Timotej Gruden, Sašo Tomažič, Jaka Sodnik & Grega Jakus

An expert informed approach to assess challenges in automotive HMI-development and their implications on development processes

Jan Bavendiek, Teresa Koch, Christopher Brockmeier, Lutz Eckstein

Automate – An empathic first-aid communication system to reduce the bystander effect in car accidents

Cansu Demir, Isabel Melibeu, Sonja Land, Alexander Meschtscherjakov

Beyond Beeps: Designing Ambient Sound as a Take-Over Request in Automated Vehicles

​​Soyeon Kim, Riender Happee, René van Egmond

Bringing the Driver BackIn-The-Loop: Usefulness of Letting the Driver Know the Duration of an Automated Drive and its Impact on Takeover Performance

​Cyril Marx, Nikolai Ebinger, Erika Santuccio, Peter Mörtl

Can shared control improve overtaking performance? Combining human and automation strengths for a safer maneuver

​Mauricio Marcano, Fabio Tango, Joseba Sarabia, Silvia Chiesa, Sergio Díaz

Desarrollo de un sistema de dirección automatizada para control compartido

​Rodriguez, M., Sarabia, J., Perez, J., Zubizarreta, A.

Design of head-up display interfaces for automated vehicles

​Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik, Sašo Tomažič, Jaka Sodnik

Design requirements for the definition of haptic messages for automated driving functionalities

​Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik & Jaka Sodnik

Determining Key Parameters with Data-Assisted Analysis of Conditionally Automated Driving

​Timotej Gruden & Grega Jakus

Driver Monitoring Systems in automated interactions: A realtime, thermographic-based algorithm

​Saifeddine Aloui, Raphaël Morvillier, Christophe Prat, Jaka Sodnik, Carolina Diaz-Piedra, Francesco Angioi and Leandro L. Di Stasi

Driving simulation test scenarios

Kristina Stojmenova; Jaka Sodnik

This dataset contains provides thvisual and technical descriptions of the driving simulation test scenarios. It is a result of the work completed in WP1, within the task 1.3. It provides the tool necessary for testing and evaluation of the HADRIAN innovations and their AD applications. By sharing the results from this work beyond the HADRIAN consortium after the completion of the project, it will further enable comparison of the HADRIAN project results with other EU (and outside) projects and initiatives.

Effects of User Interfaces on Take-Over Performance: A Review of the Empirical Evidence

​Soyeon Kim, René van Egmond, Riender Happee

Electrogastrogram-Derived Features for Automated Sickness Detection in Driving Simulator

​Grega Jakus, Jaka Sodnik and Nadica Miljković

Estudio preliminar de los métodos de evaluación del control compartido

Joseba Sarabia, Mauricio Marcano, Joshué Pérez Rastelli, Sergio Díaz Briceño, Asier Zubizarreta

Evaluation of a head-up display for conditionally automated vehicles

​Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik & Jaka Sodnik

Eyes Detector Approach for Driving Monitoring System for Occlusion Faces without using Facial Landmarks

​Myriam Vaca-Recalde, Pedro López-Garcia, Javier Echanobe, Joshué Pérez

Fluid interface concept for automated driving

Paolo Pretto, Peter Mörtl, Norah Neuhuber

Haptic Steering Wheel for Enhanced Driving: an Assessment in terms of Safety and User Experience

Joseba Sarabia, Sergio Diaz, Mauricio Marcano, Asier Zubizarreta, Joshué Perez

Human-Systems Integration for Driving Automation Systems: Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration and Automation Allocation for European Mobility Needs

Peter Mörtl

Increasing driver’s situational awareness in semi-automated vehicles using a head-up display

​Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik & Jaka Sodnik

Is less really more? A user study on visual in-vehicle information systems in automated vehicles from a user experience and usability perspective

​Kristina Stojmenova, Grega Jakus, Sašo Tomažič & Jaka Sodnik

Interacting with automated vehicles and why less might be more

​Alexander Mirnig

Investigating Kinematic Parameters of a Turning Seat as a Haptic and Kinesthetic HMI to Support the Take-Over Request (TOR) in Automated Driving

​Steffen Jochum, Lotte Saupp, Jan Bavendiek, Christopher Brockmeier, Lutz Eckstein

Key Performance Indicators for safe fluid interactions within automated vehicles

​Marios Sekadakis, Christos Katrakazas,Erika Santuccio, Peter Mörtl, George Yannis

Mode Awareness Interfaces in Automated Vehicles, Robotics, and Aviation: A Literature Review

Yasemin Dönmez, Alexander Mirnig, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Cansu Demir, Manfred Tscheligi

Non-driving related tasks’ effects on takeover and manual driving behavior in a real driving setting: A differentiation approach based on task switching and modality shifting

Elisabeth Shi, Klaus Bengler

Parametrizing an attention-guiding seating concept for conditionally automated driving

​Steffen Jochum, Lotte Saupp, Yannick Ostad, Lutz Eckstein

Quantifying Drivers’ Physiological Responses to Take-Over Requests in Conditionally Automated Vehicles

​Timotej Gruden, Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik, Grega Jakus & Jaka Sodnik

Requirements on Information Models for Smart Road Services

​S. Sigl, E. Thonhofer, A. Kuhn, Y, Wimmer, H. Le Thi, J. Erhart

Risk factors linked with elderly, truck and office worker drivers: a literature review in light of automated driving

Marios Sekadakis, Christos Katrakazas, Erika Santuccio, Peter Mörtl, George Yannis

Safety and impact assessment for seamless interactions through human-machine interfaces: indicators and practical considerations

​​Marios Sekadakis, Christos Katrakazas, Philipp Clement, Adrian Prueggler, George Yannis

Shared Control Framework and Application for European Research Projects

​Mauricio Marcano, Sergio Díaz, Myriam Vaca, Joshué Pérez, and Eloy Irigoyen

Shared Control Strategies for Automated Vehicles

​Mauricio Marcano Sandoval

Situacijsko zavedanje voznikov avtomatiziranih vozil (eng. Situational awareness of drivers of automated vehicles)

Kristina Stojmenova, Sašo Tomažič, Jaka Sodnik

The 3rd Workshop on Localization vs. Internationalization: Accessibility of Autonomous Vehicles by Different End-Users

​Stojmenova Kristina, Lee Seul Chan, Sodnik Jaka, Kyriakidis Miltos, Díaz Piedra Carolina, Jeon Myounghoon

The Effects of Driving Disengagement on Response Time in Transition to Manual Driving Mode

Gregor Strle, Andrej Košir, Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik & Jaka Sodnik

The influence of a colour themed HMI on trust and take-over performance in automated vehicles

​Aboubakr el Jouhri, Ashraf el Sharkawy, Hakan Paksoy, Omar Youssif, Xiaolin He, Soyeon Kim, Riender Happee

The user is always right: User experience, perceived usability and driver’s preferences on head-up displays in semi-automated vehicles

Kristina Stojmenova, Gregor Strle & Jaka Sodnik

Toward Integrated Automation Status and Alerting Display Management Systems for Vehicles

​Peter Moertl, Elisabeth Shi, Jaka Sodnik, Nikolai Ebinger, Jan Bavendieck, Alexander Mirnig, Paolo Pretto, Joseba Sarabia, Sandra Trösterer

Trustworthy Automated Driving through Increased Predictability: A Field-Test for Integrating Road Infrastructure, Vehicle, and the Human Driver

Peter Moertl, Erika Santuccio, Selim Solmaz, Tarek Kabbani, Ahu Ece Hartavi, Christos Katrakazas, Marios Sekadakis, Huanyu Zhang, Srdan Letina

Using Task Switching to Explain Effects of Non-Driving Related Activities on Takeover and Manual Driving Behavior Following Level 3 Automated Driving

Elisabeth Shi, Klaus Bengler

Workshop on Exploring Interfaces for Enhanced Automation Assistance for Improving Manual Driving Abilities

​Alexander Mirnig, Mauricio Marcano, Sandra Trösterer, Joseba Sarabia, Sergio Diaz, Yasemin Dönmez Özkan, Jakub Sypniewski