How can automated vehicles optimally support our mobility needs without annoying or even endangering us? How can rapid market penetration be achieved through increased trust in these systems? Answers to these questions are provided by the EU research project HADRIAN, coordinated by VIRTUAL VEHICLE.

At the final HADRIAN event, that took place from 09-10 May 2023 in Graz, international experts showed how automated driving can be implemented for far-reaching user acceptance and safety.

At the same time, the first symposium on “Fluid Human-Systems Interaction” started on 10 May – this research focuses on the integration of environmental information, the interaction between automated vehicle and driver as well as a learning overall system. Test drives with demonstrators and an exhibition area will make this topic of the future “tangible”.

Please find the press release here – with a look into the future of “fluid” interaction between driver, automated vehicles and infrastructure with the help of a holistic, user-centred approach.

Impressions from the event are available here and here.

Further information on the EU project HADRIAN: