Over the course of the first 6 months, the HADRIAN consortium developed 10 mobility scenarios for the use of automated driving functionality which will form the basis for the research activities in the remainder of the project. The mobility scenarios reflect the mobility needs and constraints of three different personas reflecting a wide spectrum of viewpoints and environments:

Harold is an elderly driver who has lost some of his driving skills and gets assistance from HADRIAN automated driving innovations to remain active and mobile.

Sven is a truck driver receiving HADRIAN driving support during long stretches of often monotonous but nevertheless stressful driving under increasing time pressures.

Florence is a successful business women who needs to carefully balance her time between family and is helped by the ability to work in her self-driving vehicle to and from work. Also, a car sharing mobility scenario addresses future mobility patterns without owned vehicle.

Over the next months, the consortium will derive the driver responsibilities, vehicle, and infrastructure requirements of these mobility scenarios.